Pfumvudza Open Days

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Get Trained to Farm

At Foundations for Farming we are able to train in a diverse range of subjects depending on your requirements.  We can tailor-make trainings to suit climatic or regional conditions, crop varieties or people groups.  All our trainings are done focusing on the biblical principles of faithfulness (stewardship) and unselfishness.  We share the vision of what God has shared with us, inspiring people through a change of heart to make sustainable life changes through the way they live and farm.

Our one day Intensive Herb training is designed for Community health workers. Supply of herb seedlings to develop a garden can also be arranged.

Vege/Compost Training

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Some of the Available Trainings

  • Four hour Pfumvudza training, which instructs farmers on how to setup, plant and manage a Pfumvudza plot.
  • One day infield Pfumvudza training.
  • One day infield training on CA for farmers (For any field crop).
  • Compost training.
  • Three day advanced training on CA for Extension workers, Agritex officers or farmers.
  • One day vegetable, compost and herb Training. (Ideal for urban gardeners).
  • One day Intensive Herb training. (designed for Community health workers, supply of herb seedlings to develop a garden can also be arranged.
  • Two day advanced vegetable and nutrition garden training.
  • One day natural medicines and healthy nutrition training.
  • One day Agro-forestry training.
  • One Day Leadership training.
  • Crown Financial Ministry Training.
  • Skills for Life Training (Involves daily devotionals, and practical projects ideal for women’s groups).
  • One Month Mentorship Training.

Other Topics which can be covered

  • Integrated Pest management and Pest control with Home remedies.
  • Compost teas, Liquid manures and Comfrey teas.
  • Rotations and alternative crops.
  • Green manures and Cover crops.
  • Open pollinated Varieties.
  • Grain Storage.
  • Climate Change.
  • Farm planning, field mapping and budgeting.
  • Knapsack calibration and use.
  • Pesticide Risk Reduction.
  • Animal husbandry training focusing on layers, broilers and rabbits.
  • Draught animal power in CA.
  • Large-scale CA.

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International In-depth Training

The Foundations for Farming International In-depth Course is a six day programme, in March, June, September and December/January. The week consists of site visits and In-depth training in Foundations for Farming methodology in order to fully equip someone to go back to their homeland and champion the cause of Foundations for Farming as well as become a trainer of trainers.

After the conference we hold our International In-depth week-long training. We also have this as a stand alone training in June,September and December/January. The In-depth training will be held on 07 – 12th March 2022.

Venue: Clouds End, Glenforest Road, Harare, Zimbabwe

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Get in Touch

Please contact us to book any of the above training events. On site trainings are currently done at our Clouds End location, where we have comfortable accommodation and other facilities.

For bookings, email on:
or call on: +263 (0) 772 136 780.